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VoxEnable™  – speech-enabling your applications

VoxEnable™ ; is a windows software application that allows voice commands to activate a range of applications. Opening, creating, editing and exporting all are possible within your chosen application. We want you to enjoy your speech enabled applications so don’t forget to bookmark our site and check out all the latest applications to be Speech Enabled as they happen.

If you have a favourite application that you think should be Speech Enabled – please let us know, chances are that others would love it too and we will do our best to oblige.


VoxEnable is avaliable for the following applications…

Accademic Applications

Mind Mapping Applications

Active Inspire
Inspiration 8
EndNote X3
Inspiration 9
Inspiration 9 IE
Sibelius 6
Mind Manager 8
Smart Boards
Mind Manager 9
Wolfram Mathematica 7
Mind Jet Mind Manager 2012

Adobe CS4 Applications

MindView 3 BE
Adobe Acrobat Pro CS4
MindView 3 SE
After Effects CS4
Match Ware MindView 4 BE
Adobe Bridge CS4
MindGenius V2.51 (Only in Version 6)
Adobe Contribute CS4
MindGenius V3 (Only in Version 6)
Adobe Device Central CS4
MindGenius V3.5 (Only in Version 6)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
MindGenius 3.6 (Only in Version 6)
Adobe Encore CS4

MindGenius 3.7 (Only in Version 6)

Adobe Fireworks CS4

MindGenius 4

Adobe Flash CS4

Other Design Applications

Adobe Illustrator CS4
Corel Draw X4
Adobe InDesign CS4
Corel Essentials 4
Adobe Onlocation CS4
Corel Painter 11
Photoshop Extended CS4
Corel Photo Paint X4
PhotoShop Elements V7
Google Picasa 3.6
PhotoShop Elements V8
Google Sketchup 08
Adobe Premier Pro CS4
Microsoft Expression Blend 3
Adobe Soundbooth CS4
Microsoft Expression Design 3
Microsoft Expression Encoder 3

Adobe CS5 Applications

Microsoft Expression Web 3
Adobe Acrobat Pro CS5
Quark XPress 8
Adobe After Effects CS5
Serif DrawPlus X4
Adobe Bridge CS5
Serif PagePlus X4
Adobe Contribute CS5
Serif PhotoPlus X3
Adobe Device Central CS5
Serif WebPlus X4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Other Office Applications

Adobe Fireworks CS5
Adobe Flash CS5
Corel Presentations X4
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
Corel Quatro Pro X4
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Corel WordPerfect X4
Adobe Indesign CS5
Final Draft AV V2.5
Adobe Media Encoder CS5
Final Draft Version 8
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Olympus DSS Player Plus
Adobe Onlocation CS5
Olympus Sonority v1
Adobe Premier Pro CS5
Open Office 3
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Star Office 9

Assistive Applications

Audio Note Taker v2.0

Roxio Applications

Cisco IP Communicator
Roxio CinePlayer
Claro Read Plus V5
Roxio Creator
ClaroRead Word
Roxio Classic Creator
ClaroRead IExplore
Roxio Label Creator
Amazon Kindle for PC
Roxio Media Importer
Kurzweil 3000
Roxio Media Manager
Lunar 11
Roxio Music Disk Creator
Lunar Plus 11
Roxio My DVD
Olympus DSS Player Plus
Roxio Sound Edit 12
Olympus Sonority v1
Roxio Video Wave
Supernova 11
Roxio PhotoSuite
Wynn Wizard 5.1
Roxio Back On Track
ZoomText 10

Communication Applications

ZoomText 9.1
Microsoft Lync Communicator 2010

Business Applications


Intuit QuickBooks 2008
Microsoft Visio
Red Faction Armageddon
Life Style Applications
Battle Field Bad Company 2
Adobe Reader v9.1
Battle Field 3
Apple iTunes 10
Call Of Duty MW3
Call Of Duty MW3
Microsoft Notepad
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Multi
Mozilla Thunderbird V2.0.0.21
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
Outlook Express
Call Of Duty World At War
QuickTime Movie Player 7
Call Of Duty MW2
Skype v5.5
Call Of Duty MW2 Multi Player
Spotify Media Player
Call Of Duty Black Ops
Windows Media Player
Call Of Duty Black Ops Multi Player
Windows Live Messenger
Company Of Heroes BETA
Yahoo! Messenger
Combat Flight Simulator 3 BETA
FaceBook for Firefox
Command And Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight BETA
FaceBook for Internet Explorer
Crysis 2
FaceBook for Chrome
Dragon Age Origins BETA

Adobe CS6

Guild Wars BETA
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Home Front
Adobe InDesign CS6
Medal Of Honor Tier 1
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Mass Effect 2
Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6
Fallout New Vegas BETA
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Pacific Poker
Portal 2
RainbowSix Vegas2
Splinter Cell Convictions
Star Craft 2
Warhammer 40,000 Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War
Warhammer 40,000 Soulstorm
Warhammer 40,000 Winter Assault
World of Warcraft Mists of Padaria
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
Empire Total War

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